life and death

We got puppies <3

Last Saturday morning our french bulldog got four puppies! We have been waiting and waiting, now finally they are here ❤

IMG_0556Tursday and friday we were basically staring at her constantly so we knew exactly when the water broke to have everything under control. The race french bulldog have very small hips and someone have to take Cesarean. We made an agreement with the veterinarian to drive to her when the water breaks, in case she needed a Cesarean. We went to her 04.20 and Phebe was pushing, but nothing came out so unfortunately we had to do the surgery. Everything went perfectly fine, and when we saw the puppies, we understood why she couldn’t give natural birth, one of the puppies were a giant! There was 4 beautiful mini frenchies and we are so happy!

Two of the puppies were very small and had trouble with the sucking reflects. We fed them with bottle and one of them got the sucking reflex right after short time so she could eat her mothers milk right away. The other were a bit slower, but when she got the reflex right, she couldn’t let go of her mother, now she is so healthy and chubby like they suppose to be.IMG_0610

After 3 days, one puppy stopped eating, she become weaker and we had to start giving her bottlefeed. She ate, but not as much as we wanted, she barely gained weight and her skin became so pale. We were very worried and called the veterinarian. We made an appointment with her for this morning to give her a vitamin shot, it’s not so much else you can do when they are this small.  This night my boyfriend woke me up at 05 a’clock and she was no longer with us. We did what we could, but unfortunately it is very common that a puppy dies before they are two weeks old. We named her Scarlet ❤IMG_0632

We are so sad, and this it is harder then i thought i would be, our baby girl is gone. Phoebe were searching for her for a few hours, but i kept taking her back to the her puppy grind, and now she seems fine. Luckily the three others are healthy and good. So we really hope they don’t get sick and leave us too. We are watching them closely, i took days off work to take care of them. We also check the during the night. The mother is tired but in good shape, we were a bit afraid that she got the milk fever because she was so hot and were breathing heavy. We are giving her some milk to get the calcium level up, during the pregnancy she have been eating puppy food for extra nutrients and she is still eating that. She is better and we give her just as much attention as the puppies. She really trust us with them and we can stay close when we want.

They are so adorable ❤ We try to focus on the babies that’s left so we don’t have to feel so sad all the time.