I need boots…

I need boots, it’s fall, rainy days are ahead, and it’s easy to jump in when you’re in a hurry.

Not that i need any other reason then -they look cool, but just to be practical as well.

I thought this would be easy peasy, but it turns out i have a choosing issue going on.. Pathetic i know..

Anyway.. i thought i bring my readers in to this problem with making a boots inspiration post 😀 lol

Here are my top 5 boots:

Nelly shoes.

Nelly shoes.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors



Stockholm design group

Stockholm design group

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Hotelroom inspiration

It has been a while since last time i posted interior inspiration, so i figured i make a post about it now. And for those who wonder about how long time we expect  to live in Norway: we don’t know. We will stay here some more months, as long as we can work and save money we stay, so the original plan of staying 7 months is extended. Maybe we stay for 2 more moths, maybe we stay for 5 more months. The more money we save, the less we have to borrow from the bank. To start a small hotel is not cheap, even though we are not gonna buy a building. A building in Rome is ridicules expensive, so we will rent.








That luxurious feeling..

When i was younger i didn’t care so much how the hotel rooms looked like. The only important thing was: is it close to the beach/center and is it affordable. But today i want to get as nice hotel as possible -for my budget. So when we start our little hotel in Rome, it is important that the guest really like what we will have to offer. Hopefully we can catch that luxurious feeling i like so much myself.

I collected some inspiration, just for fun..

hotell bedroomhotell bedroom 4 hotell bedroom2 hotell bedroom 3

Hi fall…


Best thing about fall, is that you can wear the clothes thats too warm in the summer and too cold i the winter.  You can layer up with long wool socks over thin leggings. And wear your favorite knit.

Here is some of the things i like about fall…


fall inspo 1


Picture collage collected from and


shopping and trade show

I can’t believe the weekend has passed already! Friday we went to a biiig shopping mall, unfortunately we were pretty tired both of us! We did some shopping, ate good food and got to see more of what London had to offer.


The food was really good, but the wine was so big, and I actually got a bit sleepy..hehe.
The last part we were looking for a pedicure place, we were dead tired in our feet so we really wanted to get that done. We didn’t find any place in the mall that did it and time was starting to run out, but lucky for us, there was a place right next to the hotel 😀

20130624-150359.jpg happy feets!
After the pedicure we went out for dinner and then out for a few drinks..
It was a strange but funny night..
And I found this picture on my phone on Saturday.. Lol

20130624-150954.jpg So I guess I was in charge for the alcohol amount..

Saturday morning we got up early to go to the trade show, which was amazing!







We did some shopping there, they have so good prices on tools in trade shows..we like!