Gold glitter dust, aniversary and shopping

We went for some shopping the other day -mainly grocery shopping, but i also needed some things for the house. The sun is soon returning to north Norway, but because of the mountains, we can’t see it yet, so it is still very dark outside, though its lighter in the day then it was just a few weeks ago. But our house looks almost abandoned from outside, we only have a small porch light and a outdoor light on the garage. I don’t like to have bright lights on, it’s nicer with soft light, so even if we have big windows, people think were never home..So to make it look a little nicer and cosier -from both inside and out, i bought two new lamps for the windows. It really does something for the whole room, with just a small “adjustment”.

This picture was taken around two a'clock

This picture was taken around two a’clock

I also bought a new rug for the sofa, loved the color (I’m such a fan of gray this season) and it was on sale that made it more perfect 😉 The cover on the sofa we just bought to hide the “less pretty” colors that is under there… Easy way to get a new sofa, when you are living on low a budget.



Yesterday i enjoyed the first Sunday off in January, it was really nice to have the whole day with my hair in a bun and no makeup, just a nice calm day. I had one client at 18:30 but it dosent count 😉 I made i cup of caffe latte (-without foam, don’t like that fluffy stuff) and ate way too much chocolate, though it was not candy Saturday, but sometimes the rules must be bent 😉 Btw aren’t these chocolates beautiful? They are covered in lavender glitter dust and gold glitter dust, and we ate them all, without any problem 😛 So good! The gold ones was with licorice inside -witch is one of my absolute favorites!



Today i had normal work hours, but my boyfriend have late shift, so we don’t see each other today, witch is a bit bad timing because we have been together for 4 years today, so it should be celebrated with prosecco and romance, but we can catch up on that later. He made lasagne and bought me flowers so it’s anyway a nice day. I love candles, so i have it nice and romantic by my self (sounds so sad, haha)..IMG_2743


Hope everyone had a nice Monday ❤


I adore Clean perfume, and since it smells so.. yeah clean, i decided to just buy it for my house as well! So now me and my home match 😉



While I’m sitting here, i have to write about 2 amazing little candles i bought.

They are from L’oreal actually -Mythic Oil, and the scent its amazing! It could be a bit to much if they where bigger, be cause they smell a lot to be so small, but the ones i got are perfect for my sensitive nose. Mythic oil is a hair oil by L’oreal, and i pretty sure i would get a big headache if that perfume scent was in my hair all day.


Hey friday, i’ve missed you!


This week have been so loooong! But finally friday is here and i can stay up passed normal bed time -witch is maximum 23:00. Though i have a feeling that i will be a bit dead around that time 😛

My boyfriend is still at work, poor baby. He started over 14 hours ago! But the money is good so he is happy to do it. While i am home alone with my feet on the table, and a homemade pizza next to me 😀 If i wasn’t so tired i would probably have a beer to that pizza, but i guess i rather stay up a little longer today, hehe!


Now its time for some episodes of Suits! Happy friday! Friday



First Glossybox in 2014

Yes!! Finally, this monthly thing called Glossybox has arrived! I’ve been waiting all january for it -Better late then never, right? I pay 179kr a moth, and get a box filled with new products. Sometimes its brand new product, and sometimes it’s products thats been on the marked for a while, but anyway it’s such a fun deal! Even though i don’t like to have many different versions of the same products, or buy stuff i don’t need -this is never something like that. I laughed when i opened it up, because we just run out of toothpaste, and ta-dah here it is a new one. Facial cream in full size from Yves Rocher is not something to be sad about ether 😉 I also got a brow styler, mascara and a konjac sponge (facial wash in a sponge).

You want this deal too? Get it HERE 😀 And you get a goody bag in your mail evey month ❤


Christmas break

banner_merrychristmasOh this christmas have made me lazy! Its over 2 weeks since i worked out, and all i wanna do is to walk around in my pj’s all day long 😛

I had a really nice and quiet christmas with my boyfriend and my family <3Today is the last day of zero movement, cakes and cookies all day long, and heavy fat food.. Im actually craving a salad now.julekaker

The days befor christmas i helped my grandmother to make different types of christmas cookies and snacks.

I also tryed some sugarfree versons -with stevia though.  I really recomand that, it taste the same but you don’t get the calories as with sugar.

new years resolutionDo you have any New years resolutions?  I know i do..1. I wanna get the drivers license -I’m 26 so its time, but so expensive (around 4000€)

2. Get a better stamina

3. Think more positive

4. Start a business with my boyfriend

5. Drink more water and less soda

6. Work as much as possible


Christmas gift for your sister and friends <3

For me its always hard to find presents to my boyfriend -unless he told me he want something OR you know that he need something. This year i have no idea what to present.. so please feel free to give me ideas!!

BUT for your girlfriends, bff’s and sisters.. You can just give stuff you want yourself! 😉

Here s some ideas!  I found everything on http://www.nelly.com 🙂

julegave BM


julegaver ass.


julegaver undr.

Perfect home workout!

Now that we live in this small village “Senjahopen” i found out that the super tiny gym was not for me, i don’t want to workout 2cm from a other person, i need my space :p

So i bought a treadmill!! I so happy! I have it in our bedroom and it’s absolutely perfect for my lazy ass! i love to workout, but sometimes i’m just too lazy to leave the house! So now i run as i watch my favorite series on the Mac.  And i set a rule that i can’t watch unless i run, or walk.. So i have too train.. If Revenge came out with a new episode 3 times a day, i would be running as the happiest person 3 times a day!! Unfortunately i have to wait several days to enjoy my workout as much as i do as when i watch Revenge 😛 kinda pathetic, but every person finds it’s own way 😉


Fixat_band_ihopfallt 1030-Svart_frilagd_mindre-591x600



Finally!! We bought a car!

Since we are gonna drive to Norway we need a bit bigger car then the Rome-practical Smart, so now we finally bought one!
We have been looking for a while, but it’s not so easy to find the perfect car -without using too much money.

Anyway we love our new car, a 2006 Volkswagen Tuareg 🙂