Thoughtful boyfriend

I really have THE best boyfriend ever, sorry girls -the last real gentleman, loving and supporting man is taken. After 4 years together he still treats me like a princess and get puppy eyes every time i give him a kiss on his cheek, holding his hand or just look him in the eyes. What more can a girl want? He has his flaws off course, for example: he is the slowest person i in the world and that drives me nuts, but still best boyfriend ever ❤ Love you Federico ❤

He knows i’m working hard to get in shape and gives me compliments every day. i have lost 10 kilos, witch is so amazing for me to finally get results, super proud of myself – it has really given me better confidence, witch is so important to have. I have about 5 kilos more to loose -maybe i can get a sixpack this summer (no, not the fitness model type -thats impossible to maintain) Well, i must mention that March was a crazy moths with long hours at work and that resulted in too much chocolate, i needed the energy and i took the shortcut. So now i gained a liiitlebit back, but it’s nothing to cry about, i know I’m gonna loos that in maybe 1,5 week as long as i continue working hard as i’ve been.

To make me feel better and confident he gave me this amazing compression workout tights from X2U, witch is very popular now.

The science of compression has long been used to improve blood circulation through use of compression stockings. The improved blood flow – which, in turn, increases oxygen to the muscles – will theoretically result in increased performance.

Compression clothing is also said to potentially enhance sporting performance by:

  • reducing muscle oscillation (vibration),
  • increasing proprioception (the awareness of position of joints in space), and
  • they may also make you more aerodynamic.

All these effects could result in shorter time: increased strength, greater endurance and/or more skilful play – results which are a playground for sportswear marketers, how great is that? Compression tights may also reduce stress injuries, but to get best result, they say  that you should not only wear them during training, but for 24 hour after also. So maybe i should buy one to use as pajamas? 😛

Only reason why i haven’t bought it myself is because its expensive and i don’t like to buy expensive clothes when i want to change my body and get slimmer. But i fit size small, so that was a good thing 😛 My goal is not a certain number in size or weight, it’s about feeling good about myself.

He also gave me a shampoo and conditioner from Bed Head, then have such good products and the smell heavenly! I already have a couple of these in the shower, but I’m exited to try out these.

I am not saying he is amazing just for giving me things, but it’s the thought behind it that i think is so sweet, and the fact that he wants me to feel better. He is the best 🙂

Btw, The name of the products are “Dumb blonde” hope thats not a hint, haha!