Keep track on your activity

This is such a good inspiration for me to become a more active person. It work i move a lot, but when I’m home i tend to move so much less, not so weird because I’m often totally exhausted when I’m done at work, plus it’s been so much overtime lately.


This is what i’m talking about, Vivofit activity tracker. With this you can see how much you move, how many calories you burn, you can compete with followers on the Garmin app for vivofit, and you can also see how many hours a night you sleep.

This is just a picture i found on google, but here you can see how you can see some of the information you get, just by wearing a watch. My goal in near future is to walk 20.000 steps every day, today i’ve walked 11835 steps, so its’ not too bad. Though I’ve been sitting a lot this weekend..

Activity-TrackerThis is just a picture i found on google, but here you can see some of the information you get, just by wearing a watch.

That time of the year

The time of the year when everybody wants to get the perfect body before summer knocks on the door. I do the same, want to become abetter version of myself, try to eat less carbs and more greens, and not to mention healthier in-a-hurry-food. we don’t have that much fast food around where we live, and I’m not fan of burgers and fries, well.. unless it’s from The perfect bun in Rome, but thats not a fast food restaurant though. Anyway, i want to start running -i HATE running, but i have ambitions on starting to like it, haha! Strength workout is not the hardest thing to add to your normal days -walk stairs in stead of elevators, do pushups when you are cold (i seriously do that), squeeze your bum when you are sitting, shoveling snow, lifting a “heavy” dog (i have my muscle bomb of a fresh bulldog) and so on. Off course if you do more then stuff like this its very good, but this is for the people that don’t have time for the gym and have hectic work days.

One thing that always motivates me a little bit more then the stamina; work out clothes..

Since it’s sale basically everywhere, i made a list of my sale favorites 🙂


The reflective running tights -it’s important to be seen if you are running outdoor in the dark


Going on a mountain hike? -where there is no snow! or just in the forest, this is the shoe for you!



Nike vest, Perfect for outdoor workout.


2XU compression top


Nike tank top




Newline sports tights





Sports bra from Hummel









Gym time!

Today I will start the day in the gym:D
Me and my roommate are going to work out together in a gym for the first time:) it will be fun!

Not exactly the plan( the margaritas) … I have to get to work :p

Bikini time is coming soon so I wanna look like thins when it arrives 😉

Haha, think I have a chance? Hehe, lets see…