Chopping of my hair

I’ve been thinking about i should cut my hair shorter. It is a really hard decision, because i finally got kiiiinda long hair, but let’s face it -it is not pretty with long damaged and thin ends. My hair is so soo damaged, but this winter has been drying out my hair so much, so it broke off maybe 30% of my hair.  If i should cut the hair as much as i actually need i would have to cut 20 cm, that is pretty much what i have saved the last 2 years -after trimming the ends that is.
I actually chopped of 5-6cm today, and i can’t see so much different actually.

I really like the shoulder length -especially on summerblonde girls, so i was looking for inspiration online and maybe i kick my ass to go for the shorter look. But i think i would be happy with it for about 1 month, and then i would be so sad i cut of the (almost) long hair i finally saved out.
The perfect thickness

These two hairstyles are so simple, yet so nice! The first haircut is almost how short i should go, so my hair get a fresh start. The second is the hair length i hope i can cut, so i don’t have to feel too sorry later. I know my self, haha. This is about 10-12 centimeter shorter then mine.

Superset woman and hair

My hair is colored to be as natural on the top as possible, So i don’t have to run to the salon, just do the touch up my self.

IMG_0190.JPG This is not from today, I will post a picture of my new haircut when I don’t look like a potato🙈

These days..


“Struggle” sounds so sad, but i mean this in a good way, well as good as it can be 😉 Only free time i have now these days, is the time i have to take out the dogs, eat and shower -thats it. 14 hour days are no joke, luckily i over the moon for having this amount of working hours, our savings account is getting as much of it as possible. My boyfriend is also working like crazy these days. Lucky for our dogs, he starts in the afternoon, while i start in the morning, so they don’t suffer at all. But i miss my boyfriend very much! ❤


These lazy days..

Makeup off, sweatpants on, bra off  and big t-skirt on.. and netflix..

We live so far up north that the dark period already started, the days are shorter and we tend to stay inside so much more then usual. Like now, it literally black outside!


We stream series and enjoy hot drinks. My pug and my frenchy are parked on me as often as they can, witch i love!


Hair and oils..

Oiling the hair before a hair wash is an Indian practice that’s been followed for generations. Known as a champi, it is done to make the hair roots stronger, prevent greying and also provide some relaxation due to the massage.

Different types of hair oils you can use:

Argan Oil: For smooth and shiny hair
This oil protects the hair and makes it smoother, softer and less frizzy.

Olive Oil: To revive dry hair
Good for dry hair, olive oil helps restore elasticity and shine but may be too heavy for those with thin or fine hair.

Sweet Almond Oil: To improve hair health
The blend of vitamins A, B and E in this type of oil helps add shine and body to thicker hair types.

Coconut Oil: To reinforce hair
A long-standing oil that’s been used to improve hair, coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to strengthen weak spots.

Avocado Oil: To fight breakage
Rich in amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids, this vegetable-derived oil improves strength and makes hair shiny and more resistant to breakage.

Leave the oil in your hair overnight. You can wash it off the next morning. However, it is always better to leave the oil on the scalp for a longer period of time but not more than 24 hours as then it’ll start attracting dirt, in turn it’ll make the hair weak.

Dry Hair: This type of hair is very dull, tangles easily and is prone to split-ends. The oil required for this purpose is the one which stimulates the sebaceous glands in the scalp to produce more oil. Almond, jojoba, coconut, sesame, mustard, cocoa-butter oils are recommended for the dry hair type.

Oily Hair: This type of hair looks greasy which is generally because of over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. So the type of oil that is required should be able to restore the sebaceous glands to normal. Olive, sesame, and jojoba oils are recommended for this hair type.

Dandruff Hair: Essential oils can be very effective in minimizing or halting this problem. The best essential oil for treating dandruff is tea-tree oil.

My favorite hair oils

My favorite hair oils

Some pictures from this summer….


The alps of Switzerland


Random hotel in Sweden


Roadtrip selfie with Kiwi ❤

Trastevere, Rome

Trastevere, Rome


Pretending she is a human baby, in Rome


Kiwi showing how long her tongue is..


Cooling down on the floor with Phebe


Villa Adriana, with this handsome man ❤


Perfect view..




Baptism in a beautiful church in Rome. One of the previous Popes is baptized in the same “bowl”, also my boyfriend is baptized here ❤


Frenchy love, and selfie


One of the saddest days where spent with lots of love ❤


Wipeing away my tears to take a selfie to my bestie


I like to own a small Yatch like that, actually i like to own any boat 😉


Elba, toscany


Aperitivo,  God i miss them..


Norwegian-Roman cat ❤ love her..


Pasta for the cat..





Elba island. Here is where Napoleon was held as a prisoner and also where he died. Need to go back to this island.

Pantheon, my old neighborhood...

Pantheon, my old neighborhood…



Back in Norway. Took no pictures on the way bak from Rome, we where driving to reach the funeral and everything was too gray to take pictures of..



Small hiking trip with the dogs in Mefjorvær at “Knuten”


A few hundred meters up on the mountain “Segla” in Senja.


Best view i ever seen!!!


The small village in-between the mountains is where we live.


Tough way up up, but its not so easy to go down either..


I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up…. and handle it.


Fall 2014, Very welcome after the worst summer of them all..

Last post i wrote was when we where going on vacation, driving from the north of Norway to the capital of Italy -Rome.
We where super exited to go on this vacation, to meet family and friends and of course enjoy one of the best cites in the world. But our vacation ended as fast as we arrived to Rome.

We found out that all our stuff, our belongings, our home was damaged by water. Earlier this summer or spring there was extremely lots of rain, and since our storage was on ground floor, in the end of a down hill, our belongings got soaked in that water..The water was 180 cm of ground, thats a lot.
So welcome back, all your clothes smell like dirt water, But the main thing was that everything we own is ruined by the water damage.

Though not everything looks damaged by first sight, it was all rotten.   The insurance don’t cover that type of damage so we are basically fucked. If you start to count the money you spent to fill up your home, you will soon find out how much money I’m talking about.. and everything was pretty new -maximum 1,5 year old.. This was heartbreaking, because now we must post pond our plans and work a season more in Norway.

I love Norway, but it’s nothing to do in this village so we are starting to get kinda bored.
It’s fjords and mountains, but not everybody want to go hiking every day.
Some pictures of the lovely event:











Though this was a shit way of starting the summer, it was still meant to be even worse.

In May we moved in to my dear grandfather. We helped him him with the things he couldn’t do for himself anymore and we could watch him so he didn’t fall and got stuck on the floor the whole day.
We had a really nice time together, living under the same roof.
A few weeks before we went on vacation he was sent to the hospital to get help to heel 2 wounds he had that wouldn’t heel on their one. I helped him out to the ambulance and waved goodbye like we were gonna see each other soon again. Unfortunately he died during the hospital where he stayed for weeks.
After some complications he had to give up and let go. I still can’t belive he is gone and it is still so surreal that he is actually gone, not just at the hospital.
My heart is so very broken, but he got a nice ending -with his daughter and 2 sons holding his hand, kissing him and lighting candles for him.A very respectful way to die.

Me, my boyfriend and our dogs are still living in his house, witch is very strange, good and sad.
I am very mixed with emotions about staying here. But my family said many times that my grandfather would have wanted nothing else, witch i believe.

So for you that noticed that my blog was not updated, this was why.. I kinda hated life this summer and i needed a long time to get back on my emotional feet again.

Going on vacation

We just started our vacation, road trip to Italy ❤
Dogs all ready and sett in their cage in the car. And we well rested and satisfied 🙂
If everything goes after the plan we will be in Rome on Moneday 🙂

The frenchy is loving carrides and dont care so much about staying in the cage instead of my lap, while the pug rather be stuck on me 24/7 so I needed a trick to keep her busy and relaxed, so a treat is the perfect situation salver, this one is from Provit, 100% Norwegian 🙂

She will be busy the next 4 hours with this pork roll 😉

We will drive for about 10 hours today, so it’s a long drive!

Hotelroom inspiration

It has been a while since last time i posted interior inspiration, so i figured i make a post about it now. And for those who wonder about how long time we expect  to live in Norway: we don’t know. We will stay here some more months, as long as we can work and save money we stay, so the original plan of staying 7 months is extended. Maybe we stay for 2 more moths, maybe we stay for 5 more months. The more money we save, the less we have to borrow from the bank. To start a small hotel is not cheap, even though we are not gonna buy a building. A building in Rome is ridicules expensive, so we will rent.