April beautybox

As every month, i get a beauty box from glossy box, and it is still as fun as it was in the beginning, i adore testing out new products and if i don’t like them or that it just isn’t right for me -i give them away. Anyway it is a good way to get to know new brands that you maybe wouldn’t tried if it wasn’t for this.

This month is got some pretty good stuff…

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Economic key products for perfecting your face

To wear makeup is not necessary to change your look, some girls go all the way, but look at makeup as tools to look like a better version of yourself. Off corse makeup is also for fun and a party makeup is not exactly just too look like you were born with naturally perfect skin and bone structure.

An example of what i mean with “a better version of yourself” is contouring. Contouring is the hottest way to visually transform your face to have more bone structure. It’s old tricks in new clothes, before we just used foundation, matt darker compact powder/sunpowder and a light shimmer blush/skintoned eyeshadow/or compact powder with shimmer. Now contouring is about using normal foundation, dark consular and light consular, blended together and finishing with the “old fashion” countering products.

Yes, this is a man, but he knows his countering.

Yes, this is a man, but he knows his countering.

Here is a super simple way to get that bone structure popping on low budget, with 2 products.

  •  A foundation to make your skin look smoother
  •  and a shimmer product.

Apply the foundation with a foundation brush, and don’t forget to blend it in down your neck. Then add 1 drop of the shimmer product and tap it with your finger on the chin-bones -to make them more structured. This is a very simple way to daily make your face look the best -especially because it’s quick and easy. I bought both products on

The Shimmering facial whip is so pigmented/shimmery that you only need a small amount to get the right result. Too much will make you look weird. I tested it on my arm to check how much it is reflecting. The consistence is thicker then i expected, witch is so much better and much easier to apply “right”

About E.L.F

Launched in New York and guided by American celebrity and beauty professional Scott-Vincent Borba (the man behind Hard Candy’s cosmetics line) e.l.f. Cosmetics burst onto the beauty scene in June 2004 with the mission to provide customers with quality cosmetics at low prices. Today, revolutionary cosmetics brand e.l.f., continues to enable makeup lovers to enjoy and experiment with makeup without sacrificing their budget. 

People often ask how e.l.f. are able to provide their customers with such fantastic products, most for as little as £1.50. By sourcing the best ingredients at competitive prices, and by using the internet for branding rather than higher-priced advertising media e.l.f are able to pass the savings on to their customers providing them with some of the highest quality, low cost cosmetics on the market today.

e.l.f continues to revoloutionise the beauty industry, turning heads away from more expensive brands with its unique approach. A favourite of some of the industries most influential Beauty Editors and customers alike, e.l.f.’s community and following continues to grow.

Beauty goodiebag

The monthly girlish surprize box have arrived😁
This time I got 4 full size products, 2 travel size and 1 tester.
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Funbox 😁😁😁😁

IMG_0142.JPG Facial toner from Kueshi

IMG_0136.JPG Simple and cute rouge with applicator and mirror on the top.

IMG_0128.JPG Travel size shampoo and conditioner from L’oreal Mythic oil. And a small tester of the hair oil from same brand.

IMG_0138.JPG Obiously this one is in the box because of the craziness around “Fifty shades of gray”. Seems like everything is about sex these days.

IMG_0145.JPG Again, gray.. I think the world has gone mad for gray..

Shocking lips

Crazy lip colors it not exactly my style, but they are fun, and maybe one day i go to a 80’s party and i can wear them, haha!


Brand: Sleek


These are very pigmented, but they don’t dry up, so they are actually wearable and comfortable.


I only applied it with my fingers, and its not even a thick layer. I am very impressed by how much they are pigmented.



This is not a lipgloss, nor a lipstick.. Its called “Lip stain”

Gossybox, gift from myself every month

It’s time for glossybox again! I got it 2 days ago, but I’m a bit slow on posting it.

So much fun opening this pretty box! If you want a box like this, you can order here!


Dry shampoo with a heavenly scent!


A baby l’occitane hand creme, perfect to bring in your handbag


Model co “mascara” for the eyebrows

makeupstore lilla

Makeupstore lipgloss, very pigmented!



And it was all wrapped up in this pretty box




My Lulu’s <3

I wanted this beautybag for a long time, and finally it’s  mine! -Finally i have a good quality beautybag perfect for traveling, i always just buy something cheap because the old one from h&m was broken, and one day i will buy something better. Now i have, and I LOVE’EM

IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1909

And while i was ordering, it popped up a makeup organizer i just had to have! And well, it’s more nice when its a set so i was not even trying to convince my self to not buy it, because i think all girls should have them 😉

This makeupbag is so practical, it has a front pocket only for brushes. So it will be cleaner, more organized and prettier. Thumbs up!

IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1917 IMG_1921


Extension is a good way to get better self-confident,  sounds stupid? well, imagine you wake up every morning and instead of looking tired, you look fresh and your eyelashes have already the perfect coat of mascara, i promise that makes you feel better! I have short eyelashes, so for me -getting that Bambi look makes me feel so much prettier, so i think extensions is a simple way to make yourself feel and look better. I know that hair extension magical, so when i tried lash extension i had high hopes, but the beautician that did it on me was really bad. She didn’t ask how long lashes i wanted or what style i wanted, and the result was criss crossing lashes glued together, and they where all gone before 2 weeks, not fun. This was 2 years ago, and now i am the beautician thats doing it, though i have to say; my client looked way better then me when i got it for the first time..

I finally had my first client on eyelash extension. So much fun to work like this, though i have to concentrate really well for 2 hours 😛 I took a before and after picture, so i can share it! She already had long natural lashes, so i just use 10mm mink lashes to make them look more full.




  • Overwhelming majority of “Mink” lashes in the market today is NOT mink hair.
  • The name “Mink” lashes was created as a marketing trick used by a few manufacturers and unsuspecting importers/marketers.
  • Most “Mink” lashes in the marketplace are nothing more than 0.10mm thick synthetic lashes that are coated.




3 in 1 Eyebrow fix

I have tattooed my eyebrows so they should not be a problem,  but they could be a little more full. My natural brows don’t have that much hair so after i tattooed i still have to color them so they look fuller.  Anyway, now Loréal come out with a new brow product, thin brows should not be a problem even if you don’t have that much hair. We can’t all be born with brows like Cara, can we?

This is basically color, fibers and gel in one product. So you can brush on brows to make your brows perfect! Cant wait to try this!!


Before and after using Brow artist plumper

Before and after using Brow artist plumper

Products i use, daily routine!

I want my skin to be perfect, i know its a lot to ask for, but i at least want to try my best to feel good in my own skin. I am lucky to not have acnes, i get a small pimple now and then, but not big breakouts and no scars (though i take them as fast as i get then -not good).

Every morning i:

  1. wash my face with cleansing powder from Declaré 
  2. I use “Good morning” serum, before any moisturizer085805438340
  3. On the driest spots i use “Egyptian magic” witch is a really fat cream. I usually use it on my forehead and on the tip of my nose. egyptian-magic-cream-en
  4. And as a daily moisturizer i use Declaré “Stress balance” Declar-Stress-Balance-Hautberuhigungscreme-lipidreich-Gesichtscreme-mit-Kamille

Sound like a lot to do? well, it takes me max 2 min to do it, so i don’t think so.

IMG_6745Here i have used “Bare minerals” foundation, Glo mineral eyebrow “shaddow”, Max factor Excess volume extreme impact mascara,  and Liquid eyeliner for H&M (super cheap!!).

Natural lips (but i have permanent makeup -lip tattoo)  Refresh the memory : Lip tattoo link. 



PS!!  My lips are like this natural, Unfortunatly i have duck lips -not only on photos 😛