Month: March 2015

Beauty and wellbeing all the way

I am addicted to hand cream, i wash my hands so many times during the day that the get extreamly dry. My favorite hand cream is actually a hand mask, but i used it as a cream to not “waste” product by using the double amount then wipe off the rest after 10 min. Unfortunately that cream cost about 45 euro, so i tried to find a more economic product. I found “Mineral mud hand protector” from Talia (never heard of that brand).

The consistence is perfect, thik like body butter and its really moisturize my poor hands. I  bought it online and got the package in the mail today, during lunch break i run to get the package so i could use my new handcream, not kidding i was desperate -hahaIMG_0273

This spray “Uniq one” from Revlon is amazing, it smells like a summer day at the beach with a pina colada in your hand.


Why use it:

  1. Repairs dry and damaged hair.
  2. Adds shine and control frizz.
  3. Heat protector
  4. Silkness
  5. With UVA and UVB filters
  6. Easier brushing and ironing.
  7. Incredible detangling
  8. Long-lasting hairstyle
  9. Split ends prevention
  10. Adds volume

My best friend have been using “The after party” from Bed head. It is a cream for making your hair more smooth and silky, but it’s almost like a leave in hair mask. It smells really good also. Now, finally i have my own, it only took about a year of so to order it for myself..IMG_0269

Moisturizing gel gloves from Geluscious. I allready have socks like this from Bliss. I thought it was a good idea to try this for the hands. I will test it out this night! It last 40 Treatments.

BlondeMe is a really good series of hair products created for blondes. This is a moisturizing spray, with purple pigment to maintain ash blonde color.


This is Nostalgia, this is Tommy Girl, my FIRST real perfume ever! I remember both me and my sister got it for christmas when i was around 11 years. I still think it smells good!! but this is the first time i own a bottle of this, since i was a kid.IMG_0255

Love getting presents in the mail, even if i ordered them myself 😉

You never know…

Pets are family, therefor it’s important for me to know i have some help if my furballs gets hurt. Off corse if its serious injures i will rush to the veterinarian, but this is important to have until professional help is available.

I love and i found this while looking thru the pet products they have. It costs nothing, just 10 dollars! I will maybe buy one more, so i can have one home and one in the car. You never know when you need it! Hopefully we will never have to use it. But it is useful for us humans too, it contains pretty normal stuff first aid stuff, except respirator for pets and a comb..



  • The Future of Pet Health
  • 33 Piece, Essential First Aid Kit
  • Includes the Necessary Tools to Handle Emergency Situations
  • Veterinarian Approved

List of Tools Included

  • Respirator
  • Comb
  • Tick Tweezer
  • Safety Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Washproof Plasters
  • Alcohol Pad
  • Cotton Tape
  • Conforming Bandage
  • Non-adherent Dressing
  • Scissors
  • Sting Relief
  • Non-woven Pad
  • Antiseptic Cleansing Wipe
  • Middle Dressing Bandage
  • Non-woven Triangle Bandage
  • Ice Pack

Economic key products for perfecting your face

To wear makeup is not necessary to change your look, some girls go all the way, but look at makeup as tools to look like a better version of yourself. Off corse makeup is also for fun and a party makeup is not exactly just too look like you were born with naturally perfect skin and bone structure.

An example of what i mean with “a better version of yourself” is contouring. Contouring is the hottest way to visually transform your face to have more bone structure. It’s old tricks in new clothes, before we just used foundation, matt darker compact powder/sunpowder and a light shimmer blush/skintoned eyeshadow/or compact powder with shimmer. Now contouring is about using normal foundation, dark consular and light consular, blended together and finishing with the “old fashion” countering products.

Yes, this is a man, but he knows his countering.

Yes, this is a man, but he knows his countering.

Here is a super simple way to get that bone structure popping on low budget, with 2 products.

  •  A foundation to make your skin look smoother
  •  and a shimmer product.

Apply the foundation with a foundation brush, and don’t forget to blend it in down your neck. Then add 1 drop of the shimmer product and tap it with your finger on the chin-bones -to make them more structured. This is a very simple way to daily make your face look the best -especially because it’s quick and easy. I bought both products on

The Shimmering facial whip is so pigmented/shimmery that you only need a small amount to get the right result. Too much will make you look weird. I tested it on my arm to check how much it is reflecting. The consistence is thicker then i expected, witch is so much better and much easier to apply “right”

About E.L.F

Launched in New York and guided by American celebrity and beauty professional Scott-Vincent Borba (the man behind Hard Candy’s cosmetics line) e.l.f. Cosmetics burst onto the beauty scene in June 2004 with the mission to provide customers with quality cosmetics at low prices. Today, revolutionary cosmetics brand e.l.f., continues to enable makeup lovers to enjoy and experiment with makeup without sacrificing their budget. 

People often ask how e.l.f. are able to provide their customers with such fantastic products, most for as little as £1.50. By sourcing the best ingredients at competitive prices, and by using the internet for branding rather than higher-priced advertising media e.l.f are able to pass the savings on to their customers providing them with some of the highest quality, low cost cosmetics on the market today.

e.l.f continues to revoloutionise the beauty industry, turning heads away from more expensive brands with its unique approach. A favourite of some of the industries most influential Beauty Editors and customers alike, e.l.f.’s community and following continues to grow.

Chopping of my hair

I’ve been thinking about i should cut my hair shorter. It is a really hard decision, because i finally got kiiiinda long hair, but let’s face it -it is not pretty with long damaged and thin ends. My hair is so soo damaged, but this winter has been drying out my hair so much, so it broke off maybe 30% of my hair.  If i should cut the hair as much as i actually need i would have to cut 20 cm, that is pretty much what i have saved the last 2 years -after trimming the ends that is.
I actually chopped of 5-6cm today, and i can’t see so much different actually.

I really like the shoulder length -especially on summerblonde girls, so i was looking for inspiration online and maybe i kick my ass to go for the shorter look. But i think i would be happy with it for about 1 month, and then i would be so sad i cut of the (almost) long hair i finally saved out.
The perfect thickness

These two hairstyles are so simple, yet so nice! The first haircut is almost how short i should go, so my hair get a fresh start. The second is the hair length i hope i can cut, so i don’t have to feel too sorry later. I know my self, haha. This is about 10-12 centimeter shorter then mine.

Superset woman and hair

My hair is colored to be as natural on the top as possible, So i don’t have to run to the salon, just do the touch up my self.

IMG_0190.JPG This is not from today, I will post a picture of my new haircut when I don’t look like a potato🙈

Beauty goodiebag

The monthly girlish surprize box have arrived😁
This time I got 4 full size products, 2 travel size and 1 tester.
Get your own goddybox here!

Funbox 😁😁😁😁

IMG_0142.JPG Facial toner from Kueshi

IMG_0136.JPG Simple and cute rouge with applicator and mirror on the top.

IMG_0128.JPG Travel size shampoo and conditioner from L’oreal Mythic oil. And a small tester of the hair oil from same brand.

IMG_0138.JPG Obiously this one is in the box because of the craziness around “Fifty shades of gray”. Seems like everything is about sex these days.

IMG_0145.JPG Again, gray.. I think the world has gone mad for gray..

Pure love!

Every day I come from work my baby dogs melt my heart! As all dog owners know; dogs are always extremely happy to see you, and mine are just like that. My frienchie have always been a furball of energy, she is so excited-always😂 But after the mating she is seriously more calm. That can be a sign of pregnancy, but it can also be a coincidence. she has been so cute and wants to cuddle all the time❤️ My pug have always been like that, so i really adore spending time with them! When work takes over all our free time, I’m extra great full for having my little family! Unfortunately my boyfriend may not notice that so much, because I’m tired, stressed, hungry, out of battery on the phone and blah blah blah! Today he came to work with a delicious spaghetti with pesto and parmiggiano, yummyyyy! And when I came home i saw that he had made homemade meatballs with tomato sauce👍 #italiansdoitbetter

IMG_9975.JPG She is trying to sleep, but im busy taking photos so she must be awake 🙈


We almost never take pictures of us, but since my youngest nephew turned 4 years, we had to send him a happy birthday picture🙊

She just wants to sleep, snore and be scratched on her belly -while making a snorky cuddlesound😆

I need this

I collected some 2015 items from Michael Kors that i would love to wear this spring. The dress in black would be perfect as a summer dress if it was white, but anyway it’s a nice dress also like this -and it fits curvy girls perfectly. The White sneakers will be perfect with ripped jeans. For some years i wanted a totally white bag, but i never seem to buy one, don’t have any explanation for why, maybe this was the reason? The black bag is so cool and obviously a all season bag. Summer gold wedge heel and nude pumps can never go wrong…