Month: November 2014

My black Friday shopping

During Friday my email inbox got boomed with “black friday” sale mails.. And i was like: yeii, sale!! but, ugh it was way to many emails about that black Friday thing. It just took over my phone..and i didn’t even want to see what the offers was about..

So i forgot the whole “black Friday” and ignored the emails.. But then i yesterday i understood that some of the shops went from black friday to black weekend! So my shopping spirit was back and i used the opportunity to get 20% off some items i already love!

And 20% discount on a designer bag, is a good coop 😀

black friday

Beenie and gloves from River Island

black friday 2

See by Chloe bag





Dina Bellé

I’ve been testing some products from a Dina Bellé. I got a facial mask as a gift when i ordered some other products. It’s from the company i bought the micro needle roller from. And i decided to order some other products form D.B and  give it a go. Maybe i can recommend them to clients after i tried them 🙂

This Collagen serum i started to use when i bought the  micro needle roller. I apply it to damped face after i used the roller. To use a serum in general is good for the skin, but i decided to buy this because it was recommended for the roller. I suppose to use it every day, but i gotta admit, that i often forget..


I am testing out this lash serum, and i have high hopes 😉 This one have one 2 components, one for day and one for night. IMG_1922










Here is some facial masks, can’t wait to try them out!



My Lulu’s <3

I wanted this beautybag for a long time, and finally it’s  mine! -Finally i have a good quality beautybag perfect for traveling, i always just buy something cheap because the old one from h&m was broken, and one day i will buy something better. Now i have, and I LOVE’EM

IMG_1897 IMG_1899 IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1909

And while i was ordering, it popped up a makeup organizer i just had to have! And well, it’s more nice when its a set so i was not even trying to convince my self to not buy it, because i think all girls should have them 😉

This makeupbag is so practical, it has a front pocket only for brushes. So it will be cleaner, more organized and prettier. Thumbs up!

IMG_1912 IMG_1913 IMG_1917 IMG_1921

Veggie dinner

Im always happy to eat a meat free meal, and i hope that one day i can reduce it to just a couple of days a week on a regular base. I don’t see myself going 100% vegetarian, i love italian prosciutto way to much! But its important for me to reduce it as much as i can.

Here is one way to eat a yummy meat free meals:

250 grams of boiled broccoli and cauliflower.


Mash it together with rice



Spice it up with spices of your choice, i use like chives, oregano, garlic and chili.


Add a bit tablespoon of red pesto, for a sweet and rounder taste.


Before panfrying it, i add one egg so it holds together better.


I serve it with homemade tzatsiki and spinach 🙂


The weekend bag

As a traveler, i know what i look for in a weekend bag..  Basically it’s all about the size! i want a weekend bag thats big enough to fit all my stuff, but small enough to bring with me in the flight-cabin. Easy peasy 😛

I came across a nice weekend bag from H&M.  A bag with wheels,  not exactly a new thing, but it’s not alway comfortable carrying everything on you shoulders, nor is it good ether. This can go from being a grandma’s helper to a fashionable accessory  in 2 seconds, it all depend on how you dress it. When i am traveling, i like to look stylish but comfortable.



This bag from Sandberg is a more casual weekend bag. This is in a bit higher price range, and the quality is better. I love dark blue, and with brown leather details it is really nice.



And this beautiful and perfect weekend bag, my absolute favorite, and off corse, the most expensive bag.

“Gucci’s duffle bag has been crafted in Italy and printed with the brand’s iconic monogram. This durable coated-canava piece is designed with gray leather trims and is perfect for weekends away or using as an in-flight carryall. Switch between the top handles and the detachable shoulder strap.”




Ah, now i just need a destination and some time to get away.. Wish i could go christmas shopping in Paris.. But there is always next year 😉






Last weeks i have been crazy busy, December i getting really close and i have less and less time for other then work. Well, don’t get me wrong, i am truly happy to fill up my savings account!

I wrote about boots a while ago, and i finally got the boots i wanted most. They were a bit tricky to find, because i live so far  away from anything, and the the one store that have that brand, didn’t want to order the model i wanted.

The boots were also surprisingly impossible to find online. So a friend bought them when she was on a weekend trip to a bigger city! Now they are mine, and me feet are so happy for not getting wet now that its rains like hell outside.

Fashionvise they are maybe not the most fabulous boots ever, but they are so incredibly comfortable and they are perfect for this season.




Microneedle testingtesting

I heard so much good about microneedle roller and how it boost the production of new skin cells and collagen. This is something you should do at a clinic, but I figured i could do this! So i used the benefit of owning a company to buy a clinical product (you must have a organization number to order)
You should use a anesthetic cream to num the skin first, because the needles will make you bleed. I didn’t do that, so obviously I did it softer then I should.

I will write more about this later, but here is a picture of red me after my first treatment 😁👍


November wishlist

Okey, i know.. I have a huge crush on Michael Kors design..

It was actually big media thing in Norway about norewgian girls use Michael Kors bags so much that its become a bit tacky. I can not disagree more!! Offcorse if you think its a Louis Vuitton and use it all the time cuz you want to show it off, then you are making it tacky! But those people normally buy the cheapest bag they can find, anyway its better then buying a fake bag.


I have made wish list of all the Michael Kors stuff i want! Some of them i will buy, but i need to be economical so i will not buy them all, hehe.

Perfect over-knees boots

Perfect over-knees boots


I really love to wear gray this season, and this length is so nice.


Probably the most expensive bag they have, but it is so classy and nice! Name is Miranda and cost over 9000,- NOK


I call it “The panda” WANT IT!


Gray long, warm and fuzzy cardigan, perfect for winter ❤

These days

These days I’m just working all the time, so nothing interesting to write about, except that i so much fun doing lashes, so glad i started with this!




Yesterday we woke up to winter!! I think its so pretty with a white coat over the landscape.


This picture i took in my living room, great view huh? We have three big windows so we can enjoy this view to the fullest! My grandfather builded this house, and he really chose a good place.. BTW if you saw the pictures from our mountain hike, the tallest mountain you can see there was the place we were.