Month: November 2013

Smokey chocolate eyes

The most festive part of the year is here! So we all look for inspiration for how we can look our best. I put together a smokey eyes post here for you. Hope that something to help you on the way to the perfect party look. I love smokey eyes and always use false lashes to go with it -for a stronger look.




The best way to get the best look, is with the best products.. I choose BareMinerals Ready.



Use paper under the eye while you are applying the eyeshadow. Makes the job less messy and the result better!


Clip-in extension from Balmain

I came across the website “” a few years ago, but never bought so much there. I looked in to it again now and saw that they have now the hair extension brand “Balmain” -witch is my favorite extension brand! They have the highest quality  that last and last for months! Unfortunately i do not have the same experience with their clip-in hair.

As i have mentioned before -i basically lost half my hair this summer after quitting birth-control pills, and it’s still not back, i even started back on the pill, i think my hair is in a deep deep sleep, so i hope it wakes up soon!! -Anyway i ordered some hair pieces from Hairiffic now, only for the thickness and volume of the hair, not for length. Here is what i ordered:

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I once had a clip-in fringe from Rapunzel of Sweden, but it was so fake i couldn’t wear it -it looked like a wig.. I hope this one is more natural.

Now i just hope it arrives fast!! i’m so eager to try it!

Onepiece for dogs <3

Onepiece love dogs, so they made onepiece for dogs! Thats so awesome 🙂 Not that its some revolutionary stuff they came up with, i just love the idea, now the whole family can wear the same brand 😛

I got my onepiece 4 years ago, it was before every clothing brand had one -it was only the norwgian brand Onepiece that had it and i put it on my wishlist for christmas -and got it from my dad ❤ I wear it often and everybody still laugh when i wear it (only inside the house), i look like a teletubby.. lol


And offcorse they used the coolest dog to model the clothes..

When we go back to Rome, i will not put clothes on my dog, but now that we are in winter wonderland, with lots of snow -i want my baby’s to stay warm and nice.

Skin booster

I started to use Matis Résponse Délicate about 6 weeks ago. I needed a good moisturizer that i can use morning and night, so i wanted to try this. I had such bad skin lately, pimples dry spots and oily in the t-zone so i felt like i was a teenager. matis-paris-response-delicate-moisturising-cream

I these weeks my skin is more moisturized, clear and absolutely a cream worth the money. I still have dry spots sometimes, but thats because of the weather here, in cold weather the skin gets super dry so take good care of it! I use a scrub from Dermalogica, and if i scrub twice a week my skin stays soft, moisturized and it looks so much better.

As i mentioned before i also use a vitamin complex from Beyond Wishes, that for hair, skin and nails. I truly believe that it helped my skin to clear up too.

Festive outfits for low cost

H&M are genius when it comes to their prices.. So i made a dress inspiration post for you! The festive part of the year is here and you don’t have to overspend at all!


jul kjoler 2jule kjoler


Here is a list of products i wanna get my hands on:

I already have these in socks from Bliss, and they makes my feet feel like a baby’s ass!
My hands always get so dry during the winter, so this is perfect for me!

I love Essie nail polish, and I wanna try these two!

This is a collagen booster, it keeps your skin young and fresh.

This is skin food!! I need this Antioxidant masque by MD formulations.

During the winter cold its super important to use a richer daily moisturizer, but it is also really important to remove the dry dead skin, with this I can do my weekly peeling in just a few seconds!