Month: February 2013

Castel Romano

Today I didn’t run in the park, or go to the gym.. Sore throat stopped me, I don’t wanna lay in fever for days because I need to work out..
Instead we went to a outlet mall right outside Rome 🙂 at Castel Romano.
I wanted to buy some new shoes and clothes for training..

I found shoes, but also some heels 😉
From Nike and Primadonna 🙂

I also bought some sportswear, but I’m to lazy to go and take a picture of the clothes..
I found them in reebok, brand: Armani EA7 for reebok 🙂 a bit more nice then normal sportswear:)
Excited to workout in it 🙂

Coloring my hair

I so want pastel lavender hair, I love the look. But I don’t want to bleach my hair white in order to get that color.
Last week at work in Norway my colleague fixed my roots, so I don’t need to do them for a month.
But I wanted s slightly cooler color so colored my hair my self today.



I parted my hair in 3, to make it more easy to apply the color. I also started in the neck, because the color need longer time on darker hair.


I had the color in for about 7 min.


Now actually have the pastel lavender color in the lightest parts of my hair, but it will be washed out after a few wash, and my hair will have the ash tone.


I’m gonna go to my new gym now, hope its not full of creepy guys, though its kinda stupid of me to go now -after work hours are usually when it’s more people.

I guess I use 12 min by feet to the gym, so that’s close enough to shower home. So I wear my gym clothes under my comfy clothes 🙂

And no need to pack more then shoes and a small towel 🙂


Teeth whitening at home

My teeth are natural white, but after coffee, wine and food, the teeth gets naturally stained.
To remove this you can do different things.
I choose to remove stains with teeth whitening. I also got wither teeth, off corse.

To bleach your teeth home is very easy.
The first thing you need to do is to find a serious brand.
I use Dentaworks, you can buy it here



I used this 3 times now, 30 min each time 🙂 I really am happy about the result!

Dentaworks also have a bleaching pen for touch up. I don’t know if I need it, but it’s a bit easier way to whiten your teeth..

Lips tattoo after one week

Today it is 1 week since I did the permanent makeup tattoo on my lips.
I am so happy with the result, it is natural and nice. I just need to adjust a bit on one side because one side is higher then the other side, by nature..
(Not do visible in this pictures though)

My lips are still super dry, and as you also can see in the picture -I use a lot of lip balm. It will probably take a few more days before they are normal again.

PMU by Sol Hegge

Love days like this

Today i slept long, I am a “b” human as we say in Norway, means I can’t get to bed in time and I can sleep long..
I badly wish that I could be awake at 08 in the morning like normal people, but lucky for me, I almost never have to get up that early:)
So my day started with a double espresso and a Noka shake.
Then I was a good “wifey” and washed the hole apartment and 3 machines of clothes..
After that my boyfriend came home for the “siesta” and we went to the park for a run with our frenchy.

Love this park! It’s so beautiful. You can run, walk the dog, have a picnic, go to the bistro or in the summer get a tan.. You can do what ever you want.
They also have a “jogger’s point” where you can shower.
After the run I had to work a bit.. Have to make some money too, not only relax 😉

Enjoy the days, love the moments

At the airport yesterday I had to buy this amazing makeup set from Dior.
Perfect colors, and eyebrow shaper..


Ah, it’s so good to be home!
🙂 The best bed (except that its impossible to leave it)!
🙂 Waking up with my ❤
🙂 Our baby dogs playing around and walking in my feet.
🙂 Real espresso 😀


Good morning happy face!

Lonesome traveler ;)

I went from Oslo/Rygge this morning, and lucky for me I had 3 seats for my self! The perfect way to fly is when I’m not so tired, that I have to sleep, but still so relaxed that I can just enjoy doing nothing. Music and magazines is the makes the time go..

Want that bag!

Relaxation position!

Okey, I maybe slept a few minutes, so comfortable to lay like this..

Now it’s cuddle time and steak for dinner ❤