Month: January 2013

Second chance!

Next to the job of my boyfriend, is a small cute vintage boutique with only high fashion brands.
To buy clothes at used shop is something I think everybody should do sometimes. It gives life to old clothes, and you can really find some treasures!
I have heard about this shop, but never visited it, before now.
The name of the shop is “Second chance”.
And omg! They have so much good stuff there! I got my eyes on one bag in particular! Of course it’s too expensive for me, but maybe one day I can buy something like that!
If you add them on FB they post many pictures, so you can see what they have:)


And yes, it’s was a Luis vutton, what else? Hehe

I actually bought something though, a Gucci poncho. It’s perfect for Rome in the beginning of spring.

Not the best photo, but you can see the poncho. Love it..

The woman that works there was really sweet and kind. If you go there and buy something she will defianatly give you a good price:)

Perfect ending of a school day!

When I finished school today my boyfriend came to get me with the motorbike (btw, one of my favorite ways to spend time in Rome is in the motorbike). We went to Trastevere to get some gelato, Italian ice cream:)
Now I go with him to work (he is a manager in a restaurant). And later we go to apple store to hopefully fix my iPad.






Oh, and the weather is so nice today, and the next 2 days is gonna be even better! Time for new sunglasses

Starting school!!

Hello! I’m officially a school girl again!!
It’s gonna be so fun 😀
I have been in Italy for a while, but I still don’t speak perfect Italian, but I have only been at language school for a feb months, 2 years ago.. And let’s face it, the books are so hard to open when you don’t have to. -guilty-

So I start school now at 15:00!!!
It’s gonna be so much fun, so hard and so exiting:)

I only take a week course for now, but I want to take 1 week every month. I have to go to Norway for work every second week so I just take 1 week at the time.

My school is super central in Rome and its called EF -education first.
I just went there to take a level test, i don’t like tests, but it was ok. I get to know my level at 1450 😉


So now I have my own business and I go to school, plus that I am living I 2 different countries, just to make it more easy for myself 😉 hehe.

Wish me luck at my first day at school In 2 years!! 😉

After a week

This is my lashe extension after a week:

I’m happy with the result, but they look a but messy, so next time I go to my friend in Rome who is more professional 🙂 so I must remember to fix them before I go back to Norway, even if its a bit early..

I just have on some powder and soft rouge, no eye makeup. My eyeliner is tattooed.

Oooh, and can you see you for head burn?? I burned myself on the straightening iron :-/ -not my best moment 😉

Think pink!

So tomorrow we take our “foster baby” to the hospital to operate the front leg. She will not be able to walk for a while so I found this funny but good solution for our problem. She will be so sad if she can’t be with us and be active, so instead of parking her at the dog bed, I will wear this and she can be social 😉


Healthy Saturday lunch

I always crave something extra tasty in the weekends, I don’t know why, but I figured that in weekends you deserve a treat 😉

I start with boiling eggs. (Haha I needed to take a picture because 1 of the eggs cracked a littlebit and an “S” was shaped in the egg white)

While the eggs are boiling I cutter the salad, feta cheese and avocado.

20130126-180254.jpg Remember to always wash your vegetables first!

I also boiled som small pasta to add to the salad. I cool both the pasta and eggs before I add it in the salad bowl.


Then mix everything good, add some seasoning and a littlebit olive oil (keep in mind that one table spoon of oil is 100 kcal).

Enjoy the Saturday peeps!

Enjoying my time home

To be home is the best thing in the world when you travel as much as I do. Being away 2 weeks every month is heartbreaking when I think about my love that’s in Rome without me.

So when I am in Rome, I love being home. Cuddle with my puppy (now 2 puppy’s), relaxing, catching up with my favorite tv-shows, cooking and enjoying the sun 🙂
From next week I maybe start a week language corse, to improve my Italian.
I will go to the school on Monday to tell with them, so maybe I can start on Tuesday. X crossing my fingers x

As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I always bring something from Norway to Rome to decorate our house. It’s so white and boring here (but I like it, cuz we can do anything with it), so I bring things I like to make it more cozy.
This time I brought a wood box for tools, small vases and a home sign.

The sign was so plane white so I painted it.


Here is my entry with some Norwegian stuff on our shoe cabinet to fresh it up.


Here is a picture from yesterday’s evening, my boyfriend made a perfect dinner and after we watched movies and enjoyed being in the same country.


Borte bra, hjemme best!

Tired after Traveling all day, just came home and started to unpack!

20130124-175523.jpg My bored at the plane look 😉


So nice to come home to my boyfriend and two happy dogs!!


Our “foster baby” the pug, was even licking my face when I came, I didn’t think she remembered me because we only spent a weekend together before.. But she was a happy pug when she saw her mama 😉 Phebe -our Frenchy she was crazy as always, she always jumps when I arrive from Norway. She needs a few minutes to calm down so I can actually cuddle with her.

Now they are sleeping on the sofa <;3

Federico is back at work, and I need to unpack and eat something!

Have a great evening peeps!