Month: July 2012

Magic Mike!


Last Saturday i had a dinner and movie date with my roomie. We saw “magic mike”.  Soooo perfect for a girl-date 😉 The boys can really move, and they don’t look gay! 🙂 usually I think manly strippers looks gay, but jihuuu, they didn’t 🙂




It’s one year since the horrible terror attack happened here in Norway. 22 July 2012, 77 victims was killed. 8 in the bomb attack in Oslo center, and 69 was shot at Utøya, a island close to Oslo.

This picture was taken 31 minutes after the bomb explosion in Oslo center.




Oslo center the following days after the attack.

I don’t want to write so much about this, I just want to say that i will never forget this day.







Friday after work i went to a good friend I haven’t seen in a while. She use to do my nails 2 years ago before I moved to Rome. I brought parmesan and a bottle of red. I really missed her, we always talked about boys and dreams for the future. When I came there her sons had made dinner, taco Friday!!! She fixed my nails (amen!), drunk wine and eat tacos. And i got a goodybag! So kind:) I got 2 mineral foundation’s, one mineral blusher and my FAVORITE body lotion:)



Today i work again, but it’s not a long day:) after work me and my roomie go to the cinema to see “Magic Mike” :)) looks like a movie every woman should see 😉

Veggie Wednesday!

Now that it is summer, so many have vacation, I can really tell because it’s much calmer at work. Usually its not so much time for the people that call and wants a fast appointment, but now all calls are welcome:)
Yesterday i even had time to have dinner with my buddy Totto:)
I maid a heathy veggie burger with dark garlic bread and feta cheese. Wired, but good:)



Haha, I didn’t take a picture of the “put-together-result” just during. Scusa!!

Day 1

Hello Norway! It’s not raining, not snowing, maybe it can be okey to be here this time. Rome is waaaaay to warm for me anyway.
I must say: I miss my cute little family already, so much. Every time i leave Rome, i’m totally emotional and a small wreck.
I was watching “Ice-t loves coco”, and i cried 3 times in 30 min… (I feel so sorry for my self)

Packing sucks!


Wish I could maintain som order in my closet!


That’s amore! (last day of cuddling)



Sad departure:( 20120714-211306.jpg

Some insta20120714-211323.jpg


Didn’t get any sleep on the plane. I NEED COFFEE!! 20120714-211420.jpg

And vitamins 20120714-211926.jpg

I’m finally safe and sound home(weird saying), and my boyfriend sends me some love with a picture of our baby:

20120714-212115.jpg puppy eyes break my heart in general, when it’s my puppy -I don’t have words for what I feel. Then after the picture, he write me “you know why I love this sweet pudding? Because every time i look at her i think about you”