Jeans and heels, the perfect combination!

I liked this style for a long time, it’s cool, feminine and elegant. This year the jeans trend is all over the place, you can basically wear exactly the type of jeans you want and still be super trendy. Personally i like normal waist skinny jeans, but i also want to buy a pair of stone washed ripped boyfriend jeans witch is one of the top two “new” trend this year (second is the 70’s jeans) -it actually started last year, but now it’s not only to worn with sneakers.  I can’t wait go get back my shoes that i left in Italy, we move back for sure in July or August, so then we will have a happy reunion -me and my shoes ❤

Last years the Valentino pumps Rockstud have been insanely popular, i adore them! They are super expensive in the valentino shop, but in outlets they can be found in a more affordable price range, but still expensive. I was in “Castel Romano” the coolest outlet in Rome, there they have Valentino store there, but Rockstud was sold out 😦 But they will be back in stock for sure! :/ better luck next time… I want them in nude, thats such a easy color to style. Really hope i can find them this summer ❤

Spring wardrobe Boozt

I never ordered anything from the online shop, but i saw a ad on Facebook with cute clothes, so i had too klick in to see if they had something nice for spring to my wardrobe. As i mentioned in a blogpost earlier i lost some weight and i really need new clothes, so in Oslo i did some shopping, 2 new pair of jeans, some underwear, pullovers, basic singlets and t-shirts -finally i found white V-NECK plain t-shirts! It’s been impossible to find before, i only found one from diesel and one from Nike -with print :/ But better then nothing.

Anyway, i ordered 6 items from, but not only clothes. Two pairs of cute sneakers, perfect for spring, superset Guess bag, cardigan, lace top and basic 3/4 sleeve top 🙂 I love online shopping -cuz i hate dressing rooms and the stress around the whole thing.. lol

The cute lace top i ordered in dusty pink, but i couldn’t save the picture from Boozt, so i found it on pinterest. )The rest of the pics i found on google)

We got puppies <3

Last Saturday morning our french bulldog got four puppies! We have been waiting and waiting, now finally they are here ❤

IMG_0556Tursday and friday we were basically staring at her constantly so we knew exactly when the water broke to have everything under control. The race french bulldog have very small hips and someone have to take Cesarean. We made an agreement with the veterinarian to drive to her when the water breaks, in case she needed a Cesarean. We went to her 04.20 and Phebe was pushing, but nothing came out so unfortunately we had to do the surgery. Everything went perfectly fine, and when we saw the puppies, we understood why she couldn’t give natural birth, one of the puppies were a giant! There was 4 beautiful mini frenchies and we are so happy!

Two of the puppies were very small and had trouble with the sucking reflects. We fed them with bottle and one of them got the sucking reflex right after short time so she could eat her mothers milk right away. The other were a bit slower, but when she got the reflex right, she couldn’t let go of her mother, now she is so healthy and chubby like they suppose to be.IMG_0610

After 3 days, one puppy stopped eating, she become weaker and we had to start giving her bottlefeed. She ate, but not as much as we wanted, she barely gained weight and her skin became so pale. We were very worried and called the veterinarian. We made an appointment with her for this morning to give her a vitamin shot, it’s not so much else you can do when they are this small.  This night my boyfriend woke me up at 05 a’clock and she was no longer with us. We did what we could, but unfortunately it is very common that a puppy dies before they are two weeks old. We named her Scarlet ❤IMG_0632

We are so sad, and this it is harder then i thought i would be, our baby girl is gone. Phoebe were searching for her for a few hours, but i kept taking her back to the her puppy grind, and now she seems fine. Luckily the three others are healthy and good. So we really hope they don’t get sick and leave us too. We are watching them closely, i took days off work to take care of them. We also check the during the night. The mother is tired but in good shape, we were a bit afraid that she got the milk fever because she was so hot and were breathing heavy. We are giving her some milk to get the calcium level up, during the pregnancy she have been eating puppy food for extra nutrients and she is still eating that. She is better and we give her just as much attention as the puppies. She really trust us with them and we can stay close when we want.

They are so adorable ❤ We try to focus on the babies that’s left so we don’t have to feel so sad all the time.

Norwegian landscape, Italian food and a french bulldog.

That caption pretty much sums up my life!

Last week i was in Oslo. It is so nice to go there and see my friends every 2-3month. In Oslo i can work a little, so it is business and pleasure -a perfect combination in this situation.

i was up early to take the bus at 07:00 in the morning….was basically still sleeping behind those shades.


I get easily headaches from strong scented perfume, so i can only wear mild perfumes/eau de toilette, so i wear scents like: Clean -Fresh cotton, Jennifer Aniston (she only have one i think), Tommy Hilfiger -Tommy girl and sometimes Lancomé -Miracle. Two of my favorite scents are Burberry London and The beat, but i almost only wear them in the summer..

At the airport i went by a cosmetic shop. I was looking for a good hand cream with a mild sent and a body butter consistence. I always have so dry hands, and want something that really works. The woman in the shop tried to help me, but she didn’t  understand that i couldn’t use the ones with strong perfume even when i told her twice. So i found a hand cream from Clarins that i decided to buy.IMG_0542 Meanwhile the saleswoman wanted me to try a perfume she meant was mild enough for me, though i didn’t ask for a perfume, she sprayed it on my wrist -it felt like everything landed in my nose. I told her that it was a big problem for me to wear perfumes that strong and she showed me the toilet sign.. in the end i washed my wrist a thousand times, but when i got on the plane i already got a bad headache. The perfume was also on my sweater so on the plane i sat with my hand behind my back to try to block the smell, haha.. retard me! For all those of you who work in shops like this: please don’t spray perfume on people like me, i don’t like headaches.


It is so cliché, but i always find it so “amazing” when I’m up in the sky looking down. So like every time i am taking a plane, i take photos.. this time no exception. Here in north everything is white, while in south its already melted and it is spring.

I got to do a lot while i was there, lunches, dinners, clients, shopping, movie with my bestie. If i had more time i would to meet more of my friends, but it is not possible to have time for everything:/


A mix of Italian starters and italian beer

I went to this Italian restaurant “Olivia” in Oslo. The quality of the food is good and the restaurant is really nice, but they don’t “understand” the portion size compared to real Italian food, witch irritates me, i know -i’m weird. I guess it is because we eat with our eyes as well as our mouth, and i expect the dishes to be bigger because i compare it with dishes i’ve eaten before -probably in Italy though.

Ooh, i am gonna get so fat when i return to Rome and mediterranean food, witch is in about 3 months. We have not sat an exact date, but after 12 weeks, is the first possibility to go, unless we decide to stay a little longer. In august we will go to a wedding in Hungary, so it is best to be in Rome before that so we can leave the dogs at Federico’s parents while we are there.

About returning, to return home to my hearts after a trip to Oslo is always the best thing about going away. My baby girl Phebe is expecting puppies anytime soon! Due date is actually tomorrow, so we are very excited! She is not so big as i though she would be, but still there is three babies in that belly ❤ But a least the dairy is started, so it is milk enough for all tree (hopefully more)..


She enjoyed some sun outside on the terrace today ❤ Day 62 of 63! The last days of the dogs pregnancy the lunges of the puppies get fully developed (puppies that are born earlier then 58 days will be still-born or die within the first days), so i am happy to know that they are physically ready to come out! 

I am happy to have shared 3 years with this girl, and maaaany more years to come! I am basically becoming a grandmother so i am stressed, happy, anxious scared and very very excited 😀 Proud of my girl ❤

Keep track on your activity

This is such a good inspiration for me to become a more active person. It work i move a lot, but when I’m home i tend to move so much less, not so weird because I’m often totally exhausted when I’m done at work, plus it’s been so much overtime lately.


This is what i’m talking about, Vivofit activity tracker. With this you can see how much you move, how many calories you burn, you can compete with followers on the Garmin app for vivofit, and you can also see how many hours a night you sleep.

This is just a picture i found on google, but here you can see how you can see some of the information you get, just by wearing a watch. My goal in near future is to walk 20.000 steps every day, today i’ve walked 11835 steps, so its’ not too bad. Though I’ve been sitting a lot this weekend..

Activity-TrackerThis is just a picture i found on google, but here you can see some of the information you get, just by wearing a watch.

April beautybox

As every month, i get a beauty box from glossy box, and it is still as fun as it was in the beginning, i adore testing out new products and if i don’t like them or that it just isn’t right for me -i give them away. Anyway it is a good way to get to know new brands that you maybe wouldn’t tried if it wasn’t for this.

This month is got some pretty good stuff…

To get your own glossybox click here ❤

Thoughtful boyfriend

I really have THE best boyfriend ever, sorry girls -the last real gentleman, loving and supporting man is taken. After 4 years together he still treats me like a princess and get puppy eyes every time i give him a kiss on his cheek, holding his hand or just look him in the eyes. What more can a girl want? He has his flaws off course, for example: he is the slowest person i in the world and that drives me nuts, but still best boyfriend ever ❤ Love you Federico ❤

He knows i’m working hard to get in shape and gives me compliments every day. i have lost 10 kilos, witch is so amazing for me to finally get results, super proud of myself – it has really given me better confidence, witch is so important to have. I have about 5 kilos more to loose -maybe i can get a sixpack this summer (no, not the fitness model type -thats impossible to maintain) Well, i must mention that March was a crazy moths with long hours at work and that resulted in too much chocolate, i needed the energy and i took the shortcut. So now i gained a liiitlebit back, but it’s nothing to cry about, i know I’m gonna loos that in maybe 1,5 week as long as i continue working hard as i’ve been.

To make me feel better and confident he gave me this amazing compression workout tights from X2U, witch is very popular now.

The science of compression has long been used to improve blood circulation through use of compression stockings. The improved blood flow – which, in turn, increases oxygen to the muscles – will theoretically result in increased performance.

Compression clothing is also said to potentially enhance sporting performance by:

  • reducing muscle oscillation (vibration),
  • increasing proprioception (the awareness of position of joints in space), and
  • they may also make you more aerodynamic.

All these effects could result in shorter time: increased strength, greater endurance and/or more skilful play – results which are a playground for sportswear marketers, how great is that? Compression tights may also reduce stress injuries, but to get best result, they say  that you should not only wear them during training, but for 24 hour after also. So maybe i should buy one to use as pajamas? 😛

Only reason why i haven’t bought it myself is because its expensive and i don’t like to buy expensive clothes when i want to change my body and get slimmer. But i fit size small, so that was a good thing 😛 My goal is not a certain number in size or weight, it’s about feeling good about myself.

He also gave me a shampoo and conditioner from Bed Head, then have such good products and the smell heavenly! I already have a couple of these in the shower, but I’m exited to try out these.

I am not saying he is amazing just for giving me things, but it’s the thought behind it that i think is so sweet, and the fact that he wants me to feel better. He is the best 🙂

Btw, The name of the products are “Dumb blonde” hope thats not a hint, haha!